Les chaînes de restauration rapide aux Etats Unis 

Mc Donald , Burger king, KFC

mais aussi des concepts moins connus comme


Buffalo Wild Wings 

Dunkin' Donuts

shake shack ...


The QSR 50

The top 50 brands in quick service and fast casual.

The quick-service restaurant industry continues to evolve, and that’s no more evident than in the QSR 50. Last year, Panera Bread inched closer to the top 10, while fellow fast casual Chipotle padded its sales by nearly half a billion dollars to climb to spot No. 15. Chick-fil-A put more space between it and competitor KFC, while Starbucks used a product diversification strategy to gain ground on No. 2 brand Subway. Meanwhile, McAlister’s Deli entered the top 50 for the first time, Zaxby’s crossed the billion-dollar threshold, and McDonald’s struggled to find consistency as the growing demand for premium products threatened to steal market share. Dig deep into the data driving the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industries with this year’s QSR 50.

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